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Book Review of Wingless by Book Excellence

Wingless by David M. James is a compelling work of fiction that follows Joan, the leader of a group of fallen Angels, who were exiled from heaven and stripped of most of their powers after refusing to fight in the Great War. They are now known as the Wingless. The Wingless began as a few hundred Angels, but now there are only a dozen left. So, when one of the Angels disappears, Joan embarks on a dangerous mission to protect not only those she holds dear, but the whole world as well. The plot moves swiftly and is both captivating and original. James’ voice and tone have been well established and his use of descriptive imagery makes you feel as though you are living and breathing each moment with the characters. Joan is a strong, likeable female protagonist. Her courage, strength and determination in helping her loved ones and fighting for what’s right is to be admired. In addition, the dialogue is simple, straightforward and relatable, grounding the work in the real world, even though it has supernatural elements. Themes of friendship, family, and freedom tie the work together in a wholesome, engaging way. For readers who enjoy contemporary fiction and urban fantasy, this book is for you.


by David M James

When Joan, the leader of a group of Angels stripped of most of their power and now known as the Wingless, wakes from a nightmare to find a Fallen Angel in her room and one of her own people missing, she begins a search that ends up discovering a plot far older and more dangerous than just one misplaced Angel.

Joan soon realises that the threat is more than just an attack on her Wingless family and unless they can join forces to prevent it, the world they love could be utterly destroyed.

Book 2 in the Wingless series, “Born without Wings” has now been completed and is looking for a publisher. Book 3 is currently being written.